Friday, September 11, 2015

Assessment with a Pasifika lens

Date: Friday 11 September 2015
Breakfast and seminar
Presenter: Manu Faaea-Semeatu

This breakfast seminar explored ways to enable schools to create environments that empower Pasifika students to be who and what they are with reference to National Standards and NCEA assessment tools. Manu shared several avenues of support for school leaders and teachers, as well as how to raise engagement and achievement through culturally responsive assessment.

  • Culture of continuous learning for teachers and educational leaders.
  • Respond to individual learning needs
  • A curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity
  • Students in expert roles, teacher as learners
  • How do we understand this? Access for all…….
  • Engaging with families and communities
    • -church, sports clubs, get to know the families & understand where
    • -overcare and they can’t believe in themselves if you don’t believe in them first
  • Assessment that is fit for purpose
  • Assessment in relation to National Standards must follow the characteristics ogf effective assessments as outlined in NZC
    • benefits students and involves students
    • supports teaching and learning goals- triangulates the learning
    • is planned and communicated
    • is suited to the purpose- the why of needing to learn
We need to prepare chn for the future that does not yet exist.

  • Rhythm
  • Purpose
  • Comfortable
  • What were you thinking about while doing this exercise?

Listening to keep in time
New concepts need visualisation

How do we facilitate the unknown to students prior knowledge so that the unknown becomes
-the way that we do things that is conducive to Pasifika education

Culturally responsive assessment

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