Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Holiday Learning

This has already been a busy week. Three teachers took me up on a holiday session with me.

Nola had a session regarding Hapara and how to share a doc with her students.

Veni had a second session for embedding a Google Doc into his team's site.

He also attended a #FlatConnection session led by Julie Lindsay and reflected on the process here.

Elena had a technical session which included sorting out her VLN account, creating a twitter list and a blog reflection for #CENZ15 challenge. Congratulations Elena for passing 100 followers on twitter. She also wrote a reflective blog post about her Te Waka Reo journey and you can read that here.

Now for anyone else, I will share the badges page again. Let me know how you are getting on with these. I believe that lots of you can tick most of these badges. Create your own page and hyperlink to the evidence.

A reminder that October is Connected Educator Month #CENZ15. There are a few challenges for you to undertake so go to the site and check them out. I am involved with three of them. These are #TeachMeetNZ, #EdBookNZ and #EdBlogNZ.

1 comment:

  1. Kia Ora Sonya,
    This blog is an inspiration! A real, lived example of professional development and learning. I am now thinking how we could replicate to suit our needs.
    Sharing one bit of learning... Did you know you can use QuickTime on the Mac to do a screen recording? The clips above were easy to follow - using QuickTime might assist with clarity of viewing the finer details. Just an idea!
    I use QuickTime for screen recordings often to upskill staff members.
    Thanks for sharing your staff PD tracking.