Saturday, August 22, 2015

Updating our learning spaces.

The staff blog is a space for curating our learning. I enjoy seeing the the team blogs take their turn at the top of the RSS feed.

This week I have enjoyed reading the update of class happenings from Kowhai and from Puriri. I think how you are maintaining the team blogs have been fabulous. I get really excited when I see some of the side widgets developing. 
Check out how Andrea has created her digital modelling book and is sharing this with her children. Check out how Puriri use their blog to share their tumbles.
If you have a chance, do pop into the Emodo site. You should all have access to each team. 

Part of the MLP thinking for us and our children is getting used to communicating digitally with our children.

I have enjoyed hearing how staff are also becoming familiar with the groups on the VLN. 
A recent example of collaboration and sharing reflections has taken place with the development of the #edblognz site . As you update your own blogs I will add you to the RSS feed. I look forward to those teachers sharing what they got out from this weeks out of school professional learning. 

In addition watch for what is coming. October is known as Connected Educator Month. So on twittter look out for the #CENZ15 tag. October is also a busy time for Anna and myself as we prepare to share our learning at Ulearn. I have another TeachMeetNZ happening as part of CENZ15 and this time I am cohosting with the TMSydney team. 

In the holidays I thought I might run a half day's session for blogger. If you are interested in pimping your blog, do let me know and I will go ahead and set it up.

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