Thursday, October 8, 2015

ULEARN Student Voice: Questions, Reflections and Independence in the classroom.

We moved into digital classrooms by removing the sliding doors that separated our rooms. The new space became our ‘modern’ learning environment and we based our planning and assessment around the feedback we received from students. This change all happened within a year. The students told us what they wanted to learn and how they wanted to learn. We catered to their wants and needs to the best of our ability. Through this process, the students were placed at the centre of most decision making. We supported the active involvement of learners in the design and in decision-making about what is learned,  how learning occurs, and where learning takes place.
We embraced the online world with a shift to the user and to create for them a  more personalised experience using Hapara, Google Apps for Education and Edmodo.
This is my story of how: we changed the way we teach; how students approached their learning; how we monitor students progress and how we supported the learning process.
I will also share challenges we faced on the way and the successes we celebrated.

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